Alchema, in collaboration with Ufficio Studi PwC Italy, carried out a study on coworking offices in Italy, analyzing their advantages and benefits for companies, comparing global trends with the national market and the role of these spaces in the transformation of workplace, also considering the current pandemic.

The research will be presented during the online event that will be held on Wednesday, January 27, at 11:00 AM.

At this link you can see the event:


11:00 Introduction – Sara Iacovaccio – Alchema

11:15 Presentation of the research on coworking spaces in Italy: characteristics of the national market and analysis of tangible and intangible benefits for firms, by Sandro Bicocchi – Director of the PwC Italy Research Office

Will participate:

Ada Lucia De Cesaris – Lawyer

Pietro Cotrupi – Founder – inCOWORK Franchising

Giovanni Paviera – Partner – Vitale & Co

Lucia Mariotti – Head of Coworking Italy – Talent Garden

Lia Turri – Partner | Real Estate Leader – PwC Italy

12:30 Conclusions, by Fabio Terragni – Alchema