Alchema is a small company specialized in the promotion, design and management of complex projects, focused on technological, social and environmental innovation.

    In Alchema’s vision, these different elements of innovation should be always considered jointly, without ever separating environmental from social sustainability, technologies from their organizational and relational implications.

    Alchema chooses a collaborative approach working often in both public and private partnership, and has developed important community management, marketing and communication expertise.

    Alchema has a “network approach”, connecting institutions with different backgrounds and skills and conceives the entire process of collaborative projects: from the idea to the search for partners, from the detailed development of the work plan to the search for financing, from management to the delivery of results.

    Among our guiding principles: full assumption of responsibility, dialogue and transparency.

    Alchema’s partners include small technology companies, social enterprises, public administrations, sector associations, universities and research centers at national and international level.

    The Social Urban Coworking

    The economic crises of recent years have brought about a violent transformation of forms of work. The negative effects are well known, but the emergence of new and full of potential dynamics should not be overlooked, such as the increased interest in aggregation and cooperation among companies. These dynamics have found a favorable environment in new workplaces.


    Among these, coworking spaces have represented an important point of reference for small and medium-sized companies, but also for large corporate companies. An organization of the space based on the presence of shared areas, alternating with “private” areas, allows to optimize the concepts at the basis of smart working while respecting the recent needs for social distancing.

    The new work spaces are particularly attractive also because they offer companies not only a physical place but, above all, an innovative ecosystem, full of facilities, services, inspiration and opportunities. The demand seems to persist and expand, from innovative companies to more traditional companies, looking for factors that boost their competitiveness.


    This is Co+Fabb: a collaborative ecosystem for innovative companies, a space where to optimize their costs and have availability of advanced services, while also respecting the need to have private and non-promiscuous spaces.

    It is located in Via Carducci 39 in Sesto San Giovanni, a few hundred meters from the Bicocca University. Born in 2015 on the project and management of Alchema, today Co+Fabb is a building of over 4,000 square meters which hosts about 30 companies for more than 250 workers and collaborators, a gym, a café/canteen and a digital printing house.


    Alchema starts from the customer’s problem or need, identifies a feasible development path, evaluates the critical factors and searches for the simplest solutions that allow the achievement of objectives. Alchema supports clients in understanding the scenario, after identifying thir needs, and realizes a description of problems and opportunities. It therefore structures a strategic plan that starts from the concept – the solution model – and ends with the operational proposal of a path, with the involvement of strategic partners and selected resources.

    Alchema not only responds to market demands, but, by making the most of the contribution of high-potential companies, it also develops its own projects, searching for partners and financiers. The purpose is to develop highly innovative initiatives networking with other subjects and sharing system advantages, convinced that the creation of value for the individual economic actor cannot be separated from the enhancement of a “territory”, intended both in a physical sense that merchandise.



    Ideation and launch of projects, starting from the analysis of needs, the organization and the reference market.


    Project management and planning of all the phases that compose them.


    Professional consultancy services, accompaniment and tutoring for companies.


    Analysis and representation of processes, systems, objectives and strategies of projects and companies.


    Community management in order to create collaborations and business opportunities.


    Creation and development of business networks and national and international relations.



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