Every Tuesday, at 7.30 pm, Radio Francigena will broadcast an episode (12 episodes in total) dedicated to the 12 Lombard paths included in the “LINC Lombardia in Cammino” project, of which Alchema is responsible in terms of conception, planning and coordination of the activities and partners involved (Triwù, Touring Club Italiano, Touring Servizi, Incoming Partners, Linea Grafica snc, with the collaboration of Radio Francigena and Magutdesign).

In each episode an itinerary will be presented step by step, following the guide that will be published by Touring Club Italiano, with the voice of Fiorella Pierobon and a dedicated soundtrack, as well as a local food recipe explained by the walking chef Andrea Vismara.

The podcasts are available at this link: https://bit.ly/2Fa52IL